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What is the most important criteria that you take into consideration when selecting a co-living place?

For example: price, location, type of community. Please specify anything you assess when making the decision and selecting one.
What do you consider as vital services or features that a coliving should offer to be selected by you?

For example: It needs to have a minimum of people, location in a city or countryside, with planned activities offers, etc.
What type of things (or situations) would make you to avoid (or even leave) a coliving?

How much money are you willing to pay for a great co-living place per month?

Where have you had the best coliving experience until now? Could you please share with us your favorite coliving?

We want to know which is the best coliving place where you have stayed.
Thank you for your feedback! Stay tuned to see something cool about colivings in Remoters.net very soon :)

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